Class X CBSE Sample Papers 2016-17

1.English Communicative and marking scheme.

2.Hindi A and marking scheme Hindi.


4.Social Science and marking scheme Social Science

5.Science ans marking scheme.


Class XII CBSE Sample Papers 2016-17

1. English and marking scheme

2. Hindi and marking scheme

3. Mathematics

4. Physics and marking scheme.

5. Chemistry

6. Biology

7. Computer Science and marking scheme


Class XII Materials

Study Modules-2016-17

  1. Chemistry-Class-XII
  2. Physics-Class-XII
  3. Maths-Class-XII


1st Preboard Papers 2nd Preboard Papers 2015 Study Modules 2014 Study Materials
1.English 1.English 1.Maths HOTS 1.English
2.Hindi 2.Hindi 2.Maths MLL 2.Computer Science
3.Maths 3.Maths 3.Physics 3.Chemistry
4.Physics 4.Physics 4.Chemistry 4.Mathematics
5.Chemistry 5.Chemistry   5.Physics
6.Biology 6.Biology   6.Biology
7.Computer Science 7.Computer Science