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Sh. Dinesh Sanchora

( I/C Principal )

My Dear Students,

You have prepared well for exams. Go for exams with confidence.Take care of your health and food.
After exams do not discuss the answers and discuss after march 26. After exams immediately reach home have lunch and go for deep sleep for 11/2 hours. Pray God and start preparing for next exam. Always attend 5 or 6 mark questions first and attend the questions which you know thoroughly Leave space at the right side for doing calculations and log etc. Write the answers with good pen clearly. Do not leave any questions and at least write steps or formula. Use sharp bright pencil, scale and good eraser for diagrams. Avoid unnecessary answers but do not leave relevant steps as per mark distributions. Do not study till 1am the day before exam.Study till 11.30pm and start from 5am in the morning since minimum 5 hours sleep is very important.Avoid oily, non veg food. Come for exams with 3/4 filled stomach but do not come with empty stomach. Do not be panic after receiving the question paper. By God's Grace you will get success in all exams and life.